(Total-Workplace Safety & Health)

What is T-WSH? How can it help companies?

T-WSH is a comprehensive and integrated approach to holistically manage workplace safety and health, and integrates:

Workplace safety and health risks

Work and psychosocial organisation

Workplace health promotion

Why choose Trinity Medical?

  • Eliminate the need to source for different providers
  • We will be with you on the journey from start to end
  • There are grants to be utilised to help save cost for your company
  • We ensure results for a healthier and more efficient workplace.

There are 3 major processes to Total WSH for companies in Singapore (A+I+ME)

Assessment of Total WSH

  • Utilising a Workplace Safety and Health Questionnaire (WSHQ) to give information on the current status of the organisation's management system on Organisational Health and Safety. This will be filled by the Human Resource department together with employees who are familiar with the company's health and safety matters.
  • A Basic Health Survey (BHS) will also be used to assess the general well-being of individuals. This will complement the WSHQ and will give the company a better understanding on the current status of their staff's general health and perception of work.
  • A Workplace visit for risk assessment will also be done, this is where we will do a general walkthrough of the company to identify any risks/hazards that might occur.


  • Using the data collected, intervention programmes are then implemented for the company.
  • Examples of intervention programmes: - Health Screening (Before and After) - Health Talks by Dieticians, Fitness Coaches.
  • Influenza jabs for all employees.

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • We will monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented programmes.
  • Impact on MC days, productivity and health of employees.

When used together, these 3 components will effectively optimise the health and work ability of all workers.


  • Conduct a walk-through assessment to identify significant risks in the company
  • Identify gaps in management of WSH using tools provided HR WSH Questionnaire Employee’s Basic Health Survey


  • Address significant risks
  • Improve WSH management system
  • Identify health issues
  • Design and implement intervention programmes

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Monitor progress of intervention programmes
  • Evaluate outcomes and effectiveness
  • Redesign and reimplement intervention programmes if outcome is ineffective

How it can help companies?

T-WSH can help companies manage their employees’ health and safety at work, reducing ill health and improved productivity at work.